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Poetry D Jour by Beryl McMullen coming December, 2010

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Author Topic: Bloomsbury St Library.  (Read 176 times)
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« on: January 13, 2018, 06:10:14 AM »

It was in here I spent many days of my younger life.  Taken mostly by my sister Norma, I used to lose myself in among all the books and different stories that were available to anyone who cared to read. It was in this place I learned all about the 'Secret Seven and the famous 5' was here that I learned about Astronomy and Ancient Britain and foreign lands.
 It was usually a Tuesday night, Norma would tell me to collect all my books (three books on a dog eared card) and off we'd walk from Ashted Row down to the Library

 I think it's the smell I remember most, .the ink off old print that permeated the very air we breathed as we leafed through the hundreds and hundreds of books that were on offer.  Of course there were far many than mere hundreds, but in the late 50’s kids were only allowed in their own section and to be seen in the adult part resulted in a telling off.
 It was in here I read all about the 'Silver Sword, a book set in 2nd world war Poland with 'Jan'  it was my brother Robert who got me into it.  There were also a few books on a TV series that was showing at the time..’Torchy the Battery boy’ and a horrible girl called 'Miss Bossy boots'

 And I recall books on the vast Wheat fields of I longed to live there...
 But above all these things, I loved the Science, the geography and history books, Books filled with stories and pictures of comets, planes and, weapons, different lands and different ages all took me back to another place and time.
 Looking back, although my teachers taught me to read and write, I was far more interested in learning things they didn't teach rather than the ones they did.  I think I did ok.
 The pillars by the counter were Cast Iron. They had a hollow 'dong' to them when you rapped your knuckles on the post.  If you look at the lights going down the middle you'll see a giant ceiling rose.

 This was the original gas lighting, long before they bought electricity to this Library, this is what you read by.
 They closed the building down a few years will never be opened up as my beloved Bloomsbury St Library again..
 They shut the building because someone had stolen all the lead off the roof.  The powers that be closed it down because of water coming through the ceiling and if they had meant to reopen it again, they would have stopped the rain getting in straight away .

 When I drove past a few years ago, all I could see was a small flapping strip of green canvas that had worked free and was stopping nothing.  The damage grew worse by the day.
 Built in 1892, it finally destroyed by Philistine’s who probably never knew how to open a book.
‘’You are going to rest with your fathers, and these people will soon prostitute themselves to the foreign gods of the land they are entering. They will forsake me and break the covenant I made with them." Deuteronomy 31:16
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« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2018, 02:59:27 PM »

Hello Kandor
Bloomsbury Street Library was a great place to get knowledge from.
The staff were always helpful they found many books to help me in my learning days.
I still read a lot because ny learning days are not over and never will be.
Take care
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