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Poetry D Jour by Beryl McMullen coming December, 2010

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Author Topic: Try to remember  (Read 1245 times)
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« on: September 21, 2014, 10:27:23 AM »

Today is the 21st of September.

Today is the Autumn equinox, that time of year when the day is the same length as the night.
So ready or not, in the northern hemisphere, Summer is gone.
It's been beautiful hasn't it? June and July were brilliant
I left English shores for a quick holiday in Turkey back in early June, only to find the weather wasn't really any different there from here and I came back home a week later to what seemed like even hotter days.

August wasn't too shabby either, my holiday tan soon faded and it was replaced with what appeared to be, various shades of Tamworth it has rained a little.

And now we're in my Mom's favourite time of year.
She loved September.

Mom remembered them as those lazy golden days from the late summer's of her youth, they never were like that of course, it's just we all have favourite times of year,
I just wished she'd lived long enough to see a few more.

The passing of any season to me is always a melancholy time, although I say different, I hate change..
Yes, each season has it's beauty, I love the morning mists of winter, I equally long for that certain musty smell in a cool November morning, I love the snows of Winter and the icy blue winds of a January day..

But all these things merely remind me of the passing of time..they remind me of those people I shared those days with, they remind me of loss and love...they whisper that my time here is fleeting.
I'm a child of the 50's, most people have memories of warm snug childhoods, where they were shielded, loved and kept safe.
I'm here today because of luck.
The only rules imposed on me as a kid were 'don't rip your clothes' and 'dont bring trouble home'
I'm proud to say I failed miserably on both counts.

I have jumped out of second storey windows on to cast out mattress's, I've jumped off crumbling buildings holding an umbrella in my hand hoping it would slow my fall, it never did of course,

I have 'borrowed' lead off factory roofs and stolen milk to feed me and my sister..
I have shoplifted and stolen cakes, chocolate and comics..the food I shared, the comics I read..
I am the end product of a thousand wrong doings, I am the sum of a hundred misbegotten days..

Do I regret those things? no..I do regret the days I didn't live my life to the full, I do regret those days I never told my Mom I loved her or I never showed my dad I cared.
Today is Autumn..I lived in Autumn once.

Just like those mythical days of a September that my Mom remembered, my days were golden and mellow..and now as I move to the Winter of my life, I can look back on a hard, but wonderful childhood, it broke my heart at times, on other days I was almost ruined on the wheel of life, but I wouldn't change it you know..
Every road and every path that turned and twisted through my life has brought me to where I am now today..
11.27am on the 21st of September...and I'm happy..
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« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2017, 12:29:44 PM »

Desperate days meant deperate deeds to meet our deperate needs.
We have survived and are alive.
God bless us all
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« Reply #2 on: May 02, 2018, 01:05:33 PM »

In my time on this earth I have tried everything to keep my head above water,as quite a few of us who were born before and after the war years.Anyone who says that they have never ever wandered of the straight and narrow I think are telling fibs.Ihave done everything to keep my family together and wandered a few times,like when I was a Lorry driver claiming nights out money when I was tucked up in bed,working weekends gardeningfor cash in hand when laid of because of strikes at Leyland,or even taking a back hander for doing something you shouldn't.Not saying everyone has,but a lot have had to.
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